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Custom graphics wraps for: Snowmobile, Dragster, PWC, Boat, Spyder and much more..."The difference begins here"



Last update: Oct 19th 2017

When you have a large investment into your project and image is a part of it, you'll want to work with a seasoned, experienced professional who understands exactly what you're striving to achieve, without compromising. Be it an alcohol burning dragster, funny car, bike, snowmobile or jet ski, the level of design work produced by the artist is in a league of it's own, just as you are. Nothing is more impressive and breathtaking than when one combines elements from real life, with those of the digital world. And if it's a part, piece, motion, accent, reaction or texture, I always dedicate the time it takes to achieve and create a congruent flow, look and feel, all within the required scale and in order to achieve unsurpassed resolution, realism and clarity. A veteran of the air brush, sculptor and mold maker, all previous years of experience have naturally evolved, thus setting a new level of achievement in respect of digital arts in the power sports arena. This translates into the ability to render an exclusive 1st class original mural, theme or wrap for your machine, and in a fraction of time. With that said, if you see something within this digital portfolio, and it is not showing as available for your particular application, trust that it can be made up for you.

Premium Sled Wraps

Neon Hive sled wrap




Dragster & Jr. Dragster Graphics

sr dragster wrap 5



Spyder F3 RT RS Custom Wraps

f3 custom spyder

themed f3 spyder mural


PWC & Boat Wraps Graphics

RXT seadoo custom graphics

ar192 yamaha boat graphics


This section links to a variety of land vehicle sports graphics. From dragsters to bikes, you're sure to be impressed with the many hours that have gone into each masterpiece. Simply click on a specific menu tab to view its gallery.

For the can-am enthusiasts, here are three model categories for the various Spyder types. Simply click on a tab below to discover the finest, razor sharp, and most highly detailed custom designed packages available exclusively from the WCW studio.


ATV (page under construction)

Bikes (page under construction)


This section is dedicated to waters ports. Jet skis, boats, and even R/C FE sports.


These exclusive highly detailed PWC graphics and wraps are show quality. Dress up your favorite jet ski with one of the many themes. If you don't see it, just ask!








Graphics are made for vintage and later models.

The 6 color process on 3M media will give you years of wear and vibrancy, above and below the water line. Click on links above to start viewing the many unique designs.


This new section is dedicated to the Yamaha boats. 242-X, 242 Ltd, SX 240, AR 240, AR 192, AR 190, SX 192, SX 190

Select your model type from the tabs above. Custom designs are also available throughout the various models.


This new section is currently being built, and we have some great new designs and packages for the vintage sport models.

This new section is currently being built, and we have some great new designs and packages for the Eagle Sport.



You didn't come here to buy a book and read, you came here for images and to find a graphics package that suits you best, right? Perfect! Because we're all about the image, and not about the politics and use of misleading words (that others use) to induce the illusion of value in order to make up for the lack of creativity.
That now in the open, our words are few, and our images and high quality selections speak volumes in comparison.

The first thing you will notice is the web-site's format. It is unlike any other, and we provide large images so that you can appreciate and judge the quality first hand before you buy. No illusions, no slight of hand, and no disappointment when your package arrives. Quality in, quality out. Nothing less. Period.

You have great pride, and your trusted machine has earned your respect, similar to that of a loyal and fearless dog.
You're a team, you're the leader, and it's up to you to make an educated quality choice when it comes to your beast.
Once you have experienced the difference, you'll never look back again.
Welcome to World Class Wraps!

Navigate through the tabs below to find a sled wrap for your brand snowmobile.


Skidoo Custom Graphic Wraps

This vast section is dedicated to skidoo brand custom snowmobile graphics and spans many years and model types. The various specialty wraps are designed to appeal to variety of snowmobilers, ranging from sporty and moderate, luxurious and contemporary, to the more avant-garde, detailed and aggressive styles. Packages come in endless color options with themes and unique art work unrivaled by any. Be amazed by these razor sharp show quality sled wraps and murals. Click on your preferred model tab and see the difference!
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Graphics & Wraps for all Yamaha Snowmobiles

The Yamaha sleds are unique in shape and design, just as the graphics and wraps we have to offer from within our showcase. A cut well above the rest, and what you will experience is above average in terms of creativity, detailing, accuracy and overall bang for the buck. Much time is dedicated into the planning and crafting of each of the snowmobile wraps in the Yamaha category. Designed for male and female gender riders, as well for youth and others of discriminating taste for excellence. Whether you are a novice to the sport of snowmobiling, or a seasoned veteran of the sport, you're sure to find a graphics package that appeals to your style and persona. Custom design work is also available for those who wish to create a look all to themselves. To start the journey, select a tab relative to you sled model from above.
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Arctic Cat Custom Sled Graphics

This section is dedicated to the hard core Arctic Cat fans, and covers both the M and F series sleds. The wrap designs vary from subtle to robust and expressive, with endless color schemes. And if you're looking for something a bit edgier, there are also some extreme designs and themes available. Not seeing it? Have one made up!




There are 3 sections to visit through the links above. What you will find is an assortment of classic car canvas prints, various real life themes and some extremely large mural samples.