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A ladies best friend is..........a diamond laden Spyder!


This incredible design had each diamond individually set into place and flows in elegance, from front to back.

Quality designing




Symmetry and fullness, set over a carbon style background.





-More details from this package

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-About the artwork

Each design is crafted from scratch, and every element and detail which compose a scene is created with a balance of color, lighting, shading along with precision and life like details. They are then buffed and mastered to perfection before the 6 color solvent processing. Once the prints have cured, they then go into hot lamination to achieve that lens like crystal clear finish. Media used is 3M, and just as the solvents, contain long lasting UV inhibitors which lock in the vibrancy for many years.


-Installation Tutorials


I have dedicated a page specific to installations. It covers a variety of methods, from dry, wet, to wrap media, for each are somewhat different.

Taking the time to review them will greatly improve your success if doing your own installation.

Though if you require further technical support, please contact me at: 954-769-0026

Click on this image image to access the tutorial page.


-Other Options

Packages are finished works of art, with the exception of a color change.

However, if you are seeking something other than what you have already viewed, and have ironed out the details, then please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Matching trailer graphics can be made up as an extra feature to your package. image

-One of the many features from WCW, is that each panel in your package is fully cut out from the background. It is a timely process, however, no other offers this valuable feature. Individual panels allow you, or your installer, the opportunity to set each piece into place before adhering. This way, you can get proper orientation and alignment in order to achieve an excellent fit without the risk of error or loss.




-Care and Maintenance

-Is the same as you would treat painted surfaces, and luster is easily maintained with Mother's Carnauba Wax, which has been my personal choice for decades.




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This Kit $698.95 + shipping

*As there are slight changes between the 2010 though 2013 models, and the extension to the front end of the 2014 and up, I will need to know which you have. Please specify by e-mail your year and model after checking out.

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